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The Naughty Dog Company

Positively training both yourself and your dog for long lasting, satisfying results 

Welcome to The Naughty Dog Company

All dog owners feel like they need a little help at some point. The naughty dog company provides a fun and supportive dog training service to help you tackle any problem no matter how big or small. Whether you just want to improve on obedience, try out some agility training, or if you have some unwanted behaviours, we can have fun working together with your dog to achieve these results.

Based in Nottinghamshire, but for a fee I will travel to Derby, Sheffield, Leicestershire, and the wider East Midlands.

All of the lovely dogs you see on my website are actual clients!

Our Services



Train your dog at your pace.

Naughty Dog Company

Puppy Training Courses

Build your bespoke daily routine

Naughty Dog Company

Family Sessions

Work towards a common goal

"Well...I'm not one to suffer fools easily I thought people like Francesca were going to cost tons of money and other such silly comments my inner monologue says but she came in and caused a minor in to a major miracle our kelpie cross is a little madam and she came in with such a calm breeze and steady hand that our little hurricane turned into a perfect day, now I'm no fool I know its going to be a journey with hill climbs and marathons but I feel francesca will help us navigate through. I'd highly recommend her for your pet storms...sorry dogs lol thank you" - Jaimie Millington, Bark
The Naughty Dog Company

Any time

Dog Training isn’t 9-5 so neither am I. We can book your sessions to suit your schedule 

Any where

Any dog can thrive in a perfect distraction free environment. I will come to you and train in a real life environment that enables me to understand and meet your training needs

No minimum bookings

No minimum session bookings are required. You can book on a pay as you go basis and choose how frequent you have your sessions

One to one

All face to face sessions are one to one enabling me to make sure the training content is specifically tailored to the needs of you and your dog(s)



My name is Francesca and I am the proud owner of The Naughty Dog Company.


I am so lucky and proud to say I absolutely love what I do and hope to pass that enthusiasm for training on to every client and their dog. The Naughty Dog Company (despite what the name may lead you to believe) is my Nottinghamshire based dog training business. As I am the sole trainer working for the Naughty Dog Company it means I get to work with every client and make sure they have all the support they need. 

The Naughty Dog Company
The Naughty Dog Company

The motivation behind the Naughty dog Company was my own Cocker Spaniel Broccoli.


Although I had lots of experience working with animals (mainly dogs) before Broccoli came on the scene, it was him who inspired me to branch out on my own and work for myself so I could help as many pawrents and their pooches as possible. As a dog trainer and behaviourist, I am committed to getting to the root cause of a dog’s behaviour as often things aren’t always as they seem. The behaviourist in me loves meeting new clients, asking lots of questions and observing their dog’s behaviour while the trainer in me uses positive training tactics to modify your dog’s behaviour 

I am an insured, experienced, qualified and DBS checked one-to-one dog trainer. I use positive reinforcement methods to engage dogs & puppies in the excitement around training. This way we engage them in enjoying and learning new things. It is vital to be patient with nerves and anxious dogs and help both dog and owner to grow in confidence and enjoy the learning process. 

The Naughty Dog Company
The Naughty Dog Company

There are many reasons for training but all my training starts at home, so as a trainer I can establish a relationship with you and your dog and understand their personality and learning style. By doing this I can work out what methods to use for each individual dog. 

I am passionate about nurturing your dog’s character whilst improving their behaviour, therefore all my training methods are ethical using praise and reward to reinforce positive behaviours. I often talk about ‘talking dog’ on training sessions and teach all clients how to read their dog’s body language to increase the trust and bond between dog and owner.  

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